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CD Release B07716PCDZ

CD released on Vox Regis.

Music by Philips and Dering.

'Exiled', the new album by the Rose Consort of Viols, the Choir of King's College, Aberdeen and David J Smith, focuses on music by Catholic composers Peter Philips (1560/61-1628) and his younger contemporary, Richard Dering (c.1580-1630). The album comprises music composed in England around 1600, when political and religious tensions spurred composers to extraordinary heights of musical invention. A recently published volume in the scholarly series, Musica Britannica, brings together the consort music of Philips and Dering, and this forms the core of the repertoire on this CD. Keyboard and vocal works by Philips from other volumes add further variety to the collection.

CD Release DCD34149

CD released on Delphian Records.
This recording is also available on iTunes

Music from Renaissance Europe on Venetian viols.

The Rose Consort of Viols, already acclaimed for their recordings of later English repertoire, have been inspired by viol-maker Richard Jones’s reconstructions of a Venetian instrument by Francesco Linarol – the earliest viol surviving from the sixteenth century – and trace a path from the viol’s northern Italian origins to England, where it found a particularly welcome home at the turn of the 1600s.

CD Release DXL1155

Adoramus Te:
The Rose Consort of Viols with
Clare Wilkinson.

Now released, our latest CD, with Clare Wilkinson,
in music by William Byrd and Peter Philips.

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Is also available on iTunes

CD Release
BBC Music Magazine May 2008. Free CD.

"Renaissance Choral Music", featuring live recordings from the 2007 York Early Music Festival, performances by the Rose Consort of four In Nomines in five parts by William Byrd (Nos 2-5), and performances of Byrd's motets Laudibus in sanctis and Plorans ploravit in which the Roses accompany Stile Antico. There's also Allegri, Anerio and Palestrina sung by the Sixteen. 
CD Release DXL1129

Four Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal with Clare Wilkinson (mezzo soprano)
Taking its name from the celebrated family of Viol makers, the award-winning Rose Consort of Viols explore the music of four important gentleman – Thomas Tallis, Christopher Tye, William Byrd and Thomas Tomkins who came respectively from the cathedrals of Canterbury, Ely, Lincoln and Worcester and created music for the Chapel Royal.
See details and purchase at:- www.deux-elles.co.uk

CD Release:
The Rose Consort of Viols,  John Ward Consort Music (c.1589 - 1638)  'Upon a Bank with Roses' 
John Bryan, Alison Crum, Sarah Groser, Roy Marks, Susanna Pell, Peter Wendland

John Ward, set by Mace between two Italian composers, appears not to have been a professional musician. Born in Canterbury around 1589, he was a chorister in the cathedral 1597-1604, a King's Scholar at Canterbury Grammar School 1604-7, and then followed his father into the employment of the noble courtier Sir Henry Fanshawe, the Remembrancer of the Exchequer to the King, in London and at Ware Park in Hertfordshire. Sir Henry, according to his daughter-in-law Lady Anne, was a great lover of music, and kept many gentlemen that were perfectly well qualified both in that [music] and in the Italian tongue. There is no record of Ward's employment as a musician, and references to him as a gentillman suggest that he was maintained in some other capacity, quite possibly as a secretary. 
cpo999 928-2 
- Fantasia No 1 in c
- In Nomine No 1
- Fantasia No 7 in G
- Leggiadra sei
- Fantasia No 7 in c
- Aire 1 in a
- Aire 2 in A
- Fantasia No 4 in G
- In Nomine No 2
- O say, dear life
- Fly not so fast
- Fantasia No 1 in a
- Fantasia No 5 in a
- Fantasia No 6 in C
- Aire 6 in d (2 viols & organ)
- Aire 5 in D (2 viols & organ)
- Fantasia No 6 in a
- Non fu senze
- In Nomine
- Cor mio, deh non languire
- Sweet Philomel
- In Nomine No 5
- Fantasia No 5 in g
- Fantasia No 6 in c 

CD Release:
The Rose Consort of Viols,  Alfonso Ferrabosco Consort Music
Alfonso Ferrabosco I (1543 - 1588)
Alfonso Ferrabosco II (1578 - 1628)
John Bryan, Alison Crum, Sarah Groser, Roy Marks, Susanna Pell, Peter Wendland.

Alfonso Ferrabosco I brought continental musical ideas to the Court of Queen Elizabeth I; his son, Alfonso II was Composer in Ordinary to Charles I. Both left a rich legacy of music for viols: dances, In Nomines, fantasias and vocal music to be performed instrumentally.  

cpo 999 859-2

- Dovehouse Pavan Ferrabosco II
- Almain
- Fuerunt mihi lachrime Ferrabosco I
- Solo e pensoso
- Fantasy No. 6 Ferrabosco II
- Fantasy No. 3
- In Nomine No.1 Ferrabosco I
- In Nomine No.2
- Fantasy No.14 Ferrabosco II
- Fantasy No.16
- Ut re mi Ferrabosco I
- Di sei bassi 
- Hexachord Fantasy No.1
- Ferrabosco II
- Hexachord Fantasy No.2
- Pavan in C Ferrabosco II
- Three almains in C
- Fantasy No.8 for three
  trebles  Ferrabosco II
- In Nomine No. 2
- Fantasia Ferrabosco I
- Susanne un jour
- Fantasy No.2 Ferrabosco II
- In Nomine through all parts 

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